Announcing: ATOMIC & Born Tough Collaboration

Just finished setting up a collaboration project with the clothing line Born Tough. I’m excited to get into this project as Born Tough designs workout clothes that are not only durable but have an aesthetic I like, which is rare.  An additional bonus, they are connected with another company, Elite Sports, which makes gear for Jiu Jitsu.  This is great, as many members of the ATOMIC community participate in BJJ as well.  

From what I can see on their website they make solid gear.  In particular, I’m interested in trying out their Workout Hoodie, Pro Shirts, Joggers and Shorts. They kindly reached out and I’m pleased to say, they will be sending out some product to sample.  Great news, as ATOMIC has been looking for a clothing brand to partner with for some time.  As you may know you can currently purchase our apparel and merch through RedBubble.  Although RedBubble is great from a direct to consumer standpoint, their products lack the quality you have come to expect from us here at ATOMIC. 

So let’s see what Born Tough sends over and look for a full review of their product line here soon!

Until then you can check out their gear here:

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