Atomic Pillar: What we do in the gym, should enhance our lives outside of the gym

What we do in the gym should enhance our lives outside the gym.


     In the beginning (back in the 70’s), going to the gym was an end unto itself.  A little time has passed and gym training has evolved to become more of a means for supporting an athletic lifestyle.  In essence we train so we can enjoy life and participate more in our favorite activities. 

     One hour in the gym translates to 23 more productive hours every day.  When your body is fit and functioning simply existing becomes more pleasurable.  Your movements become smoother and pain free.  The quality of your sleep markedly improves.  Training boosts your energy and the need for sugar and caffeine to fuel your day disappears.  You’re capable of doing more because the way in which you live no longer takes a toll on how you feel. 

    As a direct result, at ATOMIC we encourage you to engage in more recreational activities.  Training here should enable you to participate in the sports you enjoy more frequently and at a higher level.  Rather than feeling worn out your frequency of jogging in the park, cycling outdoors, hiking, paddle boarding, golfing, climbing or trying something new should increase.

    Why not become the strongest, most productive, efficient, fit and agile version of yourself that you can possibly be.   Whatever you do, do it better because you are trained.

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