Client Spotlight: Amrit

What is your purpose with regards to training?  Why do YOU do it?


I enjoy challenges, I like to work out with a tangible goal in mind.  Running a half marathon, the Spartan Sprint, the Squat Challenge.  I like having something to work towards, not just getting on a treadmills and going…  I enjoy training at ATF because they know me and my personality.  They help me train and work towards each new challenge, pushing me to the next level.  I am known for always trying new Gilt coupons because I like trying new interesting and challenging workouts, but they usually all disappoint.  The benefits of looking and feeling better are a bonus but I love the passion and drive these guys give me when I come to train.  There is nothing I can’t do here.

What helps you to accomplish your goals?

The sweet smell of success 🙂 but the environment of where I workout is important.  I have been with the group at Atomic for over two years, I remember when it was just Adam and Gary.  Now, two years later I still get the sample level of support and attention to my workouts even though they have more trainers and are hugely successful.  The team at Atomic know me well, very well.  They know what motivates me and keeps me working toward the next step.  They know what my physical and mental limits are and how are to push me.  I love how I feel after each workout…I can take of the world (of course, I will one day!) 

What advice would you give to someone new to training?

Trust these guys!  You have to want it enough and be willing to work hard for it.  But with their help, you will get to your goal.  Just don’t expect this to be a magic pill…it is magic but with hard work.  I look forward to my sessions at Atomic and the week isn’t right if I haven’t gone in to shoot the shit with the guys and get an amazing workout in.  It’s my own personal physical and mental therapy sessions.

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