ATOMIC Pillar: Deal with issues, don’t avoid them.



Issues: the things in the gym and in life you have been avoiding.  They are your stumbling blocks, frustrations and nagging disappointments – the elephant in the room.  If you have sore knees, ache when you move, tight shoulders or painful wrists, stop ignoring the signals and confront the issue head on.  All issues do not have to contain physical pain, they could be mental or emotional.  Often diet is the issue.  Skipping breakfast, the habitual a bag of chips, diet soda every day with lunch or the all-out weekend binging could prevent you from achieving your goals even if you currently exercise regularly.  At ATOMIC Total Fitness we have found, it’s better to address and handle our issues before we attempt to move forward.  It may feel like a waste of time or backtracking but within our issues hides our ultimate potential. 

From now on, if you encounter an issue, obstacle or problem preventing you from achieving your goals, do not avoid it.  The source of pain can be found and handled. If you struggle with your diet, do your homework and write a food journal.  Don’t place the thing that needs the most attention on the back burner. You have the greatest amount to improve in the neglected categories.  You are as strong as your weakest link.  Fixing issues puts one back on the track to success.

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