ATOMIC Pillar: Effort and Consistency


At ATOMIC we believe the lessons learned in the gym carry over into life as well.  In order to improve and progress in fitness and in life one must come to master two primary factors: Effort and Consistency

Effort requires mental and physical work.  Effort is the desire to improve, to exert oneself, to sweat, to feel the body work and fatigue.  Notable accomplishments do not come easily.  You will need to put in effort in order to avoid distractions keeping you from the gym, to complete that last rep, and to choose asparagus over mashed potatoes.  Effort applied continually, over and over and over in the face of obstacles leads to Consistency.
Consistency means making up your mind to do something and then doing it.  Make a commitment, stick to it and then follow through to completion.  If and when a barrier or challenge or issue arrives in your path do not allow it to throw you off.  Attempt to address the obstacle logically and accurately.  Make adjustments, continue forward with vigor allthewhile continually assessing and fine tuning the process.   If you have to adjust course remain in alignment with your intended direction. 

It’s fundamental, Effort applied with Consistency leads to accomplishment.

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