ATOMIC PILLAR: Best way to improve a system, eliminate the weaknesses.


     When it comes to improving your fitness, the best way is to eliminate the weakness in the overall system. Assess and Address.  Determine your weakest link and then come up with a plan to eliminate that weakness.  Once you’ve eliminated that issue, take a look at the whole system again to determine your next area of focus.

    As the neglected / undertrained areas improve (and often they improve quickly) the whole system gets better.  The hardest part is simply getting started.  We fear what we don’t know and as a result it’s easier to do what’s familiar.   We understand it may be difficult to confront different concepts or styles of training.  You may be a runner but never strength train.  You may squat a ton but can’t do a wall extension.  You may run, lift and stretch but never balance on one foot or hand.   At ATOMIC we want to not only work your strengths we want to address those areas where you are weakest – so you improve as quickly as possible

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