ATOMIC Pillar: Long Term Progress is the Goal

Sometimes we need to take a few steps backward in order to make progress over the long term.  If you have bad form you simply can not expect to improve no matter how many reps you perform.  If you currently squat 185lbs with bad form you simply can not go to the gym and squat 190 or 200lbs well, if at all.  Our suggestion would be to dial back the weight to a point where you are able to easily complete the movement with excellent form.  You may want to practice with merely the bar or even just a pvc pipe or broom handle.  


Next increase the amount you lift systematically.  Keeping record of how much weight you lift and how many reps you perform gives you a safe and replicable method for addressing each subsequent workout.  If the 185lbs squatter cut the weight down to 90lbs and then added 5lbs a week for one year she would add 260lbs and be squatting 350lbs.  That’s 165lbs more and a nearly 90% increase over the original max of 185lbs!

Rather than stroking your ego by attempting to lift weights you can’t handle, back off, regroup, reassess and shoot for progress measured by months and years as opposed to days and weeks.  Master each level before you progress and watch your fitness improve dramatically.

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