ATOMIC Pillar: Many Paths to the Same Destination

In fitness and in life many paths lead to the same destination. The fitness destination we are all moving toward includes at minimum a muscular, balanced, athletic physique.  Add to the body a rested, focused mind and we’re talking about a pretty optimal yet achievable state.  As we travel our individual paths we soon learn investing slowly over time yields better results than gambling with our health and engaging in extreme behavior.

If you talk to a champion athlete or master of physical movement you’ll find similarities in how they describe what they do.  Dancers, martial artists, ball players and yogis all know the value of maintaining an upright spine and neutral posture.  It’s easy to see that no matter what you do with your body or how you choose to move, there are fundamental underlying principles that guide your progress.  It’s these sound, universal principles we try to bring to each ATOMIC training session.  

So, weather you walk, run, play squash, ultimate frisbee or practice yoga we are all aiming for the same goal: a long health filled life, free of disease and injury.  If we can also surround ourselves with individuals whom we connect with and care about, life is good.  Live well by enjoying the journey and know you are on the right track.  Over time and with diligent study all paths converge.

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