ATOMIC Pillar: Training is Progressive, Planned and Focused

We all know we need exercise, but what type, how much and how often? At ATOMIC, our training is progressive, planned, and focused.  Weekend warriors frantically trying to make up for time lost behind a desk complain of injuries and fall short of their exercise goals.  In contrast, those who train correctly recover from injuries (or avoid them altogether), improve continually and achieve their goals. At ATF we teach universal exercise principles, supervise their application, and guide the practitioner to higher and higher levels of proficiency.  

To achieve excellence in fitness one must first clearly define realistic goals. This could be a specific body fat percentage, squatting your body weight, doing a handstand, acquiring a skill, or reaching some other specific metric.

With our goals defined, we then make a plan for getting there. The plan isn’t set in stone, rather it’s a rough sketch what you intend to do in order to arrive at your desired destination. Next comes the hard part.  You work the plan and take note of where it’s working and where you are falling short.  Where the plan works and you are making gains, continue on that path.  In areas where you are struggling, reevaluate and come up with a revised and improved plan. Repeat, reevaluate again and continue to adjust as necessary. 

Apply the above procedure in earnest and reap the rewards of health, strength, and longevity. Violate the above and be struck down by the “-itis”. What’s the -itis?  It’s a state or condition associated with damage, inflammation and disease.  The -itis strikes down the weekend warrior, those who continually stop and start their exercise program and those who perpetually over do it.  Correct training should build you up without grinding you down.  If the above seems contrary to your current approach to fitness now might be a great time to come up with a better plan.

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.
      – Chinese proverb

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