Signs of a Bad Trainer

Nobody’s perfect, but when it comes to your personal trainer you deserve the best of the best. It is easy for trainers to fall into patterns with bad habits, big or small, that detract from the quality of the session you are given, and therefore from your workout. Not only should your trainer walk their talk, but also they should strive for excellence in programming, time management, personal connection, and consistency.

Time management is a key factor in any aspect of life, be it professional or personal. Whether your sessions are a half hour or hour long, each session should start and end on time. A good trainer will always be there, prepared and ready for your workout before your arrival. In addition to being timely, you don’t want to work with a trainer who reschedules frequently, especially last minute, as it keeps you from being able to maintain the consistency in your workout routine.

Part of personal training is the personal aspect, but a personal trainer’s personal life is least important. Most important is the workout you as the client are getting. A bit of sharing can be caring but the training and your goals must remain the focus of the session.

A bad trainer is unable to adapt a workout or understand that everybody’s body is different and what program works for one person may not be the best route for another. Your trainer should be able to design a program just for you. In addition, factors like sleep, diet, weather, and more may impact your needs in a particular session compared to on a different day.

Finally, a trainer should never be on their phone during the hour you are in front of them. No matter who is calling or texting, period. When it comes to working with a trainer you are the focus and the star of that session.

– Written by Layla Meyer with input from Team ATOMIC

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