Pursuing the Ideal of Total Fitness


Total Fitness should represent the ideal lifestyle for you. It’s an ever evolving goal – something you shoot for today, tomorrow and ten years from now. Try to think of continually trending in a healthy direction rather than taking an abrupt u-turn. Alas radical redirection rarely helps us, as lasting change happens slowly, and new positive habits need time to take root. You don’t have to (nor can you) fix everything all at once. Just move the needle, be honest with yourself and celebrate every small win. Keep setting new small goals which push you to perform better. In this way you can continually renew your motivation and eventually strive for excellence (aka Total Fitness). 

To stay motivated on this path we have to avoid thinking in absolutes regarding diet, exercise and health. The key is to begin to recognize the difference between what really works for you as an individual and what is extra, unneeded or damaging. Many of us tend to think that in order to get into shape we need to sign up to run a marathon and simultaneously go on a juice fast, all while maintaining the usual demands of life. Those expectations are not only unhealthy, they’re impossible, and you will most certainly fail. To stay motivated, we must come to understand that the easy and simple solutions always trump the strict, rigorous and extreme. 

It’s not new news. The results we produce in life come from our own decisions and actions. We are the ones who cause change and make things happen. Therefore fitness or lack thereof does not occur by accident. To achieve anything we must plan, focus and follow through. Time is our most valuable resource so don’t waste it doing anything that does not rapidly and safely propel you toward your goals. At minimum, to approach the state of Total Fitness you’ve got to schedule time to exercise, prepare your own meals, study the craft and leave time to recover/sleep. Get this down, then consider what comes next.

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