Fit Bride Success Story

What was it like knowing you were actually getting into amazing shape?

It is the best feeling. You feel energized. You feel ready to take on your day, but overall its almost a feeling I can’t describe, [getting in shape] makes you want to shop for awesome exercise clothes and crop tops! The best feeling was actually during my dress fitting. The tailor told me I could stop losing weight. I actually picked up the dress the day before my wedding cause it literally has to be taken in the week of cause I was still building muscle and losing weight. I had clients, co workers and family commenting on how great I look. I mean of course I am the bride they have to say that right? No, Icould really tell the meant it. A friend of mine came up to me and goes “I really hope I look as good as you at my wedding.” Best feeling ever! 

Did ATF Training make you feel more prepared for your wedding day?

My trainers had me mentally prepared. The feeling of being skinny and looking in the mirror on your wedding day and saying damn I look good is the best preparation ever. I am not a motivated person when it comes to working out but my trainers motivated me and made it fun. They literally made my wedding day complete. I felt like I was really the star of the show and i know i looked good. I put the time and effort in and boy did it pay off!

Would you recommend ATOMIC to other brides and grooms?

You take so many pictures on your big day and you are pretty much videoed from start to finish. The camera adds on more lbs. as you know. You should feel and look the way you want on your big day. I can’t put into words how much I would recommend ATOMIC. They really keep you motivated and get you to your goal no matter what. Don’t get me wrong they will kick your butt but getting your butt kicked is the best feeling. Hands down no question, if you want to look good on your wedding day ATOMIC is where you need to be. 

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