Set a BIG Goal. Right Now!

Set a big goal today, as in right now. Your goal could be anything in your wildest dreams or something mundane like getting a new car. For now it doesn’t matter what the goal is. What matters is that you are excited about this goal. Without a goal you have no direction in life or reason for getting out of bed at 5AM.  Imagine what it would be like to actually meet the challenges of the day with playful excitement. A worthy goal infuses life with this boundless energy.  

We tend to get what we focus on so why not go after what you truly want? Without goals life becomes pointless, empty and devolves into binge watching TV. Your goal, the one you have buried deep down has the power to create a whole new life. Life deserves goals worth striving for. Think big while simultaneously setting your sights on what’s actually achievable. 

New and big goals are fragile. All you have to do is tell the wrong person and they can dash your dream to pieces. However, if nurtured your goal can become your main focus, the object of your desire, a fantastic journey and a constructive direction for your ambition. Choose a goal worthy of your time and you will achieve all of the results you want to experience in life. Alternately going after the wrong things can be your undoing. The key is to be clear and write your goal down into a concise sentence or two. Once the goal is known then you’ll be surprised how fast you start moving in the right direction. 

Tell your coach or fitness professional your goals and I assure you they will be behind you 100%. That is unless your goal is gaining fifteen pounds of fat between thanksgiving and new years.

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