Fit Bride’s Guide: Be the best YOU for your wedding day

You Have Everything you Need

You already have everything you need to have the perfect wedding. Keep in mind, the wedding is really all about you, your fiance, friends and family. Everyone is coming together to celebrate your love and union. Right now in this moment take a deep breath and feel how great it will be to be married to someone you love deeply while in the company of the people you hold most dear. From this perspective fitness is more a state of mind rather than a fad diet or crazy late night runs on the treadmill.


Don’t Miss the Connections

On some level your wedding will be a reflection of who you are as a person. Do your best to leave everyone with a good impression. As the stars of the show, your big day becomes a whirlwind for you and your fiance. Even if you only have 30 seconds to talk with someone, look them right in the eye and say, “Thank you for being here. It means so much to share this moment with you.” Doesn’t matter if it’s the caterer, the guy driving the shuttle bus, your fiance’s awkward cousin or someone who crashed the after party. It’s better to be viewed as benevolent rather than bitchy. Trust me, if you starve yourself you’ll be anything but benevolent.


You’ll Relax When You Empower Others

I don’t care how extravagant or modest your wedding budget, the only way to get everything to go the way you want is to empower those who will be providing your services. Don’t leave everything up to the wedding planner. Everyone has their limitations. You have to be the glue that holds it all together. As you get closer to the big day you should double check a few of the mission critical items to make sure everything is on track. Speak with the florist, caterer, venue, band’s agent, etcetera and let them know that you trust their judgement. Create a policy that on the day of the ceremony if anything comes up that is a problem you trust them to fix it. Of course make sure they each have each other’s contact info (where necessary) so they have a back up if they can’t get through to your planner.



Visualization is a powerful tool for both athletes and performers. A wedding is just that, a marathon play in which you must perform and be on all day. So visualize the success of the entire production from beginning to end. Few things go exactly according to plan especially an event as complex as a wedding. Visualize the set up with the venue, flowers, food and drink all flowing effortlessly into place. Picture your guests arriving and how happy you will be to see each of their faces. You’ll have the rehearsal dinner for practice with the blocking and actual movement and positioning but don’t let it be just a formality. Project yourself into the moment that will occur in the same place a few short hours later.  

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