Problems with Chi?

How did you solve Qi problems that occurred during daily Qi/Chi Gong and internal martial arts practice? (Originally answered on Quora)

Unless you are quite ill you shouldn’t technically have any Qi/Chi problems. At the beginning the new student has trouble knowing what to look for. We search and try to latch onto some sort of special feeling. Because Chi is life’s energy as long as you are alive you can not separate yourself from it. The disconnect occurs when we over think things and try to look for something that may or may not be there.

My suggestion would to be relax and work on following the breath. Keep the body still and free from tension. Whether you are sitting or standing remain upright with a neutral spine. Under these conditions you will have created the ideal circumstances for experiencing your Qi/Chi. Write down what you experience in a notebook. The next day go for a brisk walk or light jog (if you are medically cleared to do so) prior to your Qi/Chi Gong practice. Again note what you experience. The following day fast, the following day stuff yourself. Sooner or later you will find a preferred rhythm and harmony that your body prefers.

After a few weeks you will begin to develop a better sense of what you need and prefer. Your experience is your own and you will develop your own true understanding. Continue to work with your local teachers and masters. Study the ancient as well as contemporary texts on the relevant subject matter. Continually go deeper into your study and eventually it’s my hope you will come to see that there truly are no problems.

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