Your Beach Body

Now that the warmer weather is upon us, it has been brought to my attention that some of you want to look your physical best at the beach this summer. For that you should be commended. Unfortunately for many of us we will have to set aside both truth and reality to have this conversation. The truly devoted can snicker as they know in their bones that they built their beach bodies over the winter.  For the majority of us who live in fantasyland and love to procrastinate, let’s talk about a last minute dash to pump the biceps and tighten that buckshot booty.


You must believe to achieve!  Can you see yourself at the beach or at a pool party where you strut out to your umbrella and claim some prime real estate by the water? You’re not hiding in the wings, you are right up front and center so everyone can get a glimpse of your deliciously tan* physical perfection.  All eyes trace your outline as you peel off your outer garments and then carelessly toss them onto your towel. You gaze around and feel their admiration and possibly a hint of desire, mixed with jealousy.   Everyone else is reluctant to shed their clothes but you are ready to show off all of the hard work and sweat you have been putting in.
*Note: a spray tan is safe alternative to sun’s radiation but then again this is a fantasy.

Get a Buddy

Who’s going to hold you accountable on Monday morning after a weekend of partying? Yes, it’s possible to eat the occasional french frie or have a celebratory drink and maintain a beach bod but it’s going to be a hell of a battle so don’t go at it alone. Missing one workout can derail the entire process, so find an accountability partner and discuss your goals with them. Remember, you are soon to be the proud owner of a hot beach body so you have to play the part and behave responsibly!

Make the Commitment Publicly

Gulp.  What do you mean publicly? Share your goals with your spouse/significant other or a friend.  Tell them you are going to have a smoking beach body this year (or at the very least much improved). Next if you are feeling brave, tell all your friends and post it to social media. Take whatever steps you are comfortable with to help you maintain your ongoing commitment. Post a before pic today. Then by eating clean and working your ass off you will surely receive compliments when you post the after pics at the 4th of July barbecue. If there ever was a time, that time is now!!!

Do These Exercises

You want to pop that booty and pump those biceps?  Then incorporate these exercises into your workouts over the next few weeks. Here are ATF’s recommendations from each of the trainers here. Surely they will incorporate them into their sessions and we encourage you to do the same both in and out of our facility.

“My go-to for popping the biceps are the Cable and Band Curls. For the glutes I recommend Romanian Deadlifts because they are great for isolating the booty muscles.”
Biceps: Cable and Band Curls
Booty: Romanian Deadlift

“I like the TRX Bicep Curl because there is no cheating here since you’re using the majority of your body weight to make the curl happen.  Banded Hip Bridges are a sneak attack since one second you think you can do 100 and the next you’re wondering how you did the last 15 reps.  The activation occurs deep in the muscle tissue leaving little doubt that they are working.”
Biceps: TRX Bicep Curls
Booty: Banded Hip Bridges

“I like the Curl 21’s because they are great for activating the biceps and forearms especially after your workout.  The GHD Back extensions are great because not only do they strengthen the glutes and lower back they help with improving other movements.”
Biceps: Curl 21’s
Booty: GHD Back Extension with Band

“The deadlift works more muscles simultaneously than any other movement.  The reverse curl helps develop the arms more completely by working muscles that are not stressed with a regular bicep curl.  The hammer curl works the bicep, along with your forearm which is essential in grip strength.”
Biceps: Hammer and Reverse Curls
Booty: Deadlift 

Mike M.
“Squats are a great exercise because they mirror moves we do everyday (i.e. sit, stand, bend down, etc.)  They strengthen your legs, glutes, hips, lower back and ab muscles. It’s no wonder it’s called the “King of exercises”!!  Concentration curls are a great way to really torch the biceps.  One or two sets is all you need of this high intensity exercise to get a really great pump.”
Biceps: Concentration Curls
Booty: Squats

Mike R.
“It’s all about using the correct form and posture to develop target muscle groups. Chin ups hit the bi’s and the bridges work the glutes. However, results only come from perfecting the form.” 
Biceps: Bicep-Chin Ups
Booty: Weighted Glute Bridge

“Negative bicep curls are my favorite movement for biceps because it teaches control.  The longer your muscles are under tension in the eccentric phase (when lowering the weight), the more your biceps will grow. Split squats are great not only for building your glutes and quads, but they also teach single leg stability and balance which are functionally imperative in everyday life.”
Biceps:  Negative Bicep Curls
Booty:    Bulgarian Split Squats

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