Why I Train

Everyone has their own spin on fitness. There are so many opinions out there it’s easy to get confused, frustrated and discouraged.  I’ve always said

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No More Bicep Curls

We want to get the most bang for our exercise buck. This means we can not afford to spend time on exercises that do not serve

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Your Beach Body

Now that the warmer weather is upon us, it has been brought to my attention that some of you want to look your physical best at the beach this summer. For that you should be commended. Unfortunately for many of us we will have to set aside both truth and reality to have this conversation.

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Problems with Chi?

How did you solve Qi problems that occurred during daily Qi/Chi Gong and internal martial arts practice? (Originally answered on Quora) Unless you are quite

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Thank You

There’s a big difference between saying the words thank you and the state of being thankful. Thank you in many situations has become obligatory and

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