Thank You

There’s a big difference between saying the words thank you and the state of being thankful. Thank you in many situations has become obligatory and

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Set a BIG Goal. Right Now!

We tend to get what we focus on so why not go after what you truly want? Without goals life becomes pointless, empty and devolves into binge watching TV. Your goal, the one you have buried deep down has the power to create a whole new life. Life deserves goals worth striving for.

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Fit Bride Success Story

Ashley G. tells all about how she got into amazing shape for her wedding. She credits training here at ATOMIC, eating right and getting adequate sleep. She also should be commended for going hard everyday and making the commitment to make the most of her big day. It definitely paid off.

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Alternative Training

There’s nothing special about the standard, boring, run of the mill gym. No wonder no one sticks with their new year’s resolutions. In nearly every chain gym across the country we find rows of machines, cardio equipment and dumbbells. With the popularity of Crossfit, Soul Cycle and yoga; barbell lifting, spin classes and generic yoga are being rammed down the uneducated consumers throat as well. If you have never worked out before the standard gym is as good a place to start as any. On the other hand you could just as easily skip it.

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