Build Constructive Habits

#1 Way to Build Constructive HabitsRobert Zajonc, professor emeritus at Stanford University, found that when a person does something relatively simple and routine, being in the presence of others improves her performance. But when a task is complex, having others around can hinder performance.

This highlights two very important and positive things with regards to what we do here at ATOMIC:
1.) Our community supports you in maintaining and improving what has become “simple and routine”. In other words, learning to squat properly may be tough but doing a simple workout at home should be routine. Our new app has a social function that allows you to connect (and commiserate) with other members.
2.) When working with a trainer 1-on-1 you can focus on learning new, complex things. This is the type of stuff that would be hard to learn in a group setting. For example, the technical aspects of the deadlift or performing a handstand.

Can you have both? We would emphatically say, YES! Our hybrid training system utilizes a new app to not only enables us to train you 365 days a year but helps you to connect you with other members of our community. How does this work? Contact us now and we can give you more information.

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