Build Constructive Habits

#1 Way to Build Constructive HabitsRobert Zajonc, professor emeritus at Stanford University, found that when a person does something relatively simple and routine, being in

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Thankful Verses Thank You: A Guide to Gratitude

Saying thank you is easy, but feeling thankful takes practice. With all of the demands on our time, finding time to feel gratitude and truly thankful can be as difficult as finding the time to get into shape. Make no mistake, the ability to be thankful, appreciative and gracious can actually be strengthened just like our physical muscles. In order to get the benefit, be prepared to put in some practice time.

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We Have Options

Everything is being turned upside down with the global health crisis. We get it, you are bummed about your plans being canceled, upset by the

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So what exactly is biohacking? Biohacking is defined as the art and science of changing the world around you and inside you in order to

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Q1 Program Overview

Let’s look at it like this: the first two weeks are a simple ramp up. This gives you exposure to a lot of different movements

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