Personal Training to Achieve Your Goals Once and For All

Walk into our facility and you are immediately surprised how welcoming the staff and environment feel.  You experience the same unique flavor when interacting with the ATOMIC Trainers. The vibe is quite different from the other commercial gyms out there, more warm, friendly, personal.  You get a sense you are part of the family. This is so important and so rare in the fitness industry.  Most gyms out there operate with the motto, “give them the flash and then grab their cash”.  We have always provided the small town feel in a big gym setting. For over 11 years and over 50,000 collective training hours ATOMIC Total Fitness has learned an invaluable lesson: In fitness and in life, trust and openness give the best results. 

If you have had trouble achieving your fitness goals up until now, maybe you should seriously consider hiring one of our trainers.  Our high level, top tier trainers will help you to dial in on why you have failed and how to specifically attain success in the gym (and maybe even in life).  The great trainers here will not only instruct and teach you how to exercise safely and effectively. They coach you to connect in a deeper way to your purpose and vision for why you want to get in shape. This is transformative because it’s nearly impossible to do by yourself. If you could, everyone would do it and be in amazing shape.  Fact is, you need someone on your side who will unconditionally support you in creating positive fitness habits and lifestyle.


Personal Training will help you to create better habits because once you sign up with a trainer you will stop skipping workouts.  We are each the sum total of our habits and behaviors.  The more time we spend in front of the TV the less time we have to do other things like cook healthy meals or go for a brisk walk outside.  We are always making compromises and tradeoffs with the competing responsibilities in our lives.  Sometimes we do ok and get things done while maintaining balance.  The rest of the time we find ourselves battling for position at work, with our relationships and with the ever racing clock.  What gets left behind is our health, self care and wellbeing.  A trainer can help you to find a good grove and keep you there, exercising several times a week and making continual small strides forward.  Therefore, the essential habit of working out consistently can be almost instantly realized by hiring a personal trainer.  You may ask yourself, why do I need to work out consistently?  I’m relatively healthy and I go to the gym regularly.  What could a trainer possibly do for me?

Assessment of Purpose

Before asking yourself, “Why do I need to establish healthy habits now?”, you may first need to ask yourself why you do anything.  What is your purpose in life?  Few people truly examine this question. Yet, this is exactly the type of thinking you will need to apply to achieve anything of value.  The deep question of “why” can be very illusive to uncover, especially when we try to examine our (own) selves.  To get to the source of the matter you will need the feedback of a trusted advisor or coach.  Although this may sound esoteric, in fact every assessment performed by an elite, top tier personal trainer should first delve into your reasons for exercising in the first place.  This lack of investigation is why so many people fail to realize their fitness goals; they never connect “why they are exercising” to “why they absolutely need to exercise”.  

For example, most people hit the gym in early January with the idea that they “need to lose 5-10 pounds”.  That’s not a valid reason why. That’s actually not a reason at all.  If they instead said, “I need to lose 5-10 pounds so I don’t have a heart attack and leave my children without a father,” I think you can see the difference.  Or in a few slightly less dramatic, yet valid examples: a grandmother may say, (she) “needs to exercise so she can keep up with her grandchildren”.  An executive may make the statement, “I exercise because I need to stay sharp both mentally and physically to maintain my position at the top of my profession”. Still many of us exercise because, “we want to look good naked.”  Hey whatever gets you… excited. The reason “why” does not matter.  What matters is that your reasons matter for you.

Trainers Help Create a Vision

What would you like to accomplish in the next three to six months?  How do you see yourself?  Are you slumped over at your desk with horrible posture, over eating fried take out food, working long hours, stressed and self medicating with drugs and alcohol? Alternately, do you feel exhilaration waking up well rested, seeing your sculpted body in the mirror as you effortlessly slip on your perfectly fitting clothes, while you make better and better food choices? Meanwhile your career is taking off, your relationships are energized and you have more time and freedom to pursue the activities of your choosing.  My wish for you would be the latter (or something better).

Go On a Mission

Once you are clear on your purpose and vision the next step is to assign yourself a mission.  This is where the rubber meets the road. This is the big goal, the aim of the next three to six months.  Your purpose lets you know why you want to start the habit of exercising, your vision is the ideal scene you see as possible and the mission throws down the gauntlet.  In discussing your mission and goals with your trainer you may say, “Yes, I can commit to training three days a week, drinking more water, eating healthier and getting more sleep. I know if I make these changes now I will achieve my fitness goals!”  The good news is, you don’t even need to know exactly how you will get there.  That’s the trainers job.

Personal Trainer and Client From a Team

Now it’s off to the races.  You now know from reading this article, the reason you have not succeeded in the past is because you never made health and fitness a true habit. Also, by hiring a Personal Trainer you will find  “why” you need to form these habits immediately.  Next, you will create a vision of yourself in the foreseeable future where you are making strides toward your goals.  You will picture yourself in that future, enjoying all of the benefits of the new habits you have created.  Finally, as you attain milestones, you and your trainer will continually evaluate and update what goals to shoot for.  As your fitness level increases so will your confidence in your ability to achieve higher and higher goals. Every great trainer out there only wants one thing and that’s for the client to achieve the goals that they set together.  

Bottom line, we all need a support team to create the habits, lifestyle and results we want.  An ATOMIC Personal Trainer can do just that. You can only make progress by taking bold action.  Take advantage of the fact that once you do sign up with a trainer the hardest part is behind you.  All you have to do is show up and your efforts combined with the trainer’s experience will multiply your results. Remember, we are here for you!  It never hurts to reach out and please let us know what you think in the comments below!

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